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Package fees are non-refundable



Are you or your loved one dealing with cancer or a chronic illness? Looking for a comprehensive review of your individual health concerns? WVW offers our cancer and complex illness clients an extensive onboard lab panel, a review of all previous labs and diagnoses, and the creation of a foundational plan. This creates a platform for wellness and the restoration of health and vitality, as well as identifying and removing obstacles that interfere with the ability to reach your goals. This is just the start of our comprehensive approach to support you on your healing journey. 


Included in Onboard Package

Your terrain is a living thing. Cancer, inflammatory conditions, and most illnesses are the result of drivers that disrupt the terrain and make the body sick. The Deep Dive will give us insight into the terrain, and the paths and patterns that are pushing your illness. This powerful and comprehensive assessment will pinpoint the drivers and facilitators of your dis-ease, determine your exact terrain diagnoses, and provide the data to create a customized treatment plan to promote terrain balance and healing. When the pieces of your health puzzle aren't adding up and you are looking for a more complex evaluation, the Deep Dive is your solution.



Take charge of your health and schedule your Wellness Onboard today. Your wellness is important to us and we know that it's important to you too. We offer a Wellness lab panel and a comprehensive plan for those who have lite health issues and want or need to take control of their health. This comprehensive package includes a 2-hour tele-consult with Micah, as well as customized recommendations for improving your wellness and feeling better on the inside and out.  After the Wellness Onboard, follow-up consults are $200 and scheduled according to our client's needs.



Do you just want to feel better? Are you looking for a change in lifestyle that will be effective and easy to integrate?  ​Get some personalized guidance around what you should and shouldn't be doing to optimize your health. This consultation is designed to help you navigate the sea of health recommendations and bring you to your best health yet. If you have basic questions about your gut, terrain, personal care, or supplements this is a great option for you.




It's time to take control of your health. We're now offering a client Advocacy Package to help ensure you are on the right track while you continue with your WVW journey. We want to provide you with the best support possible. Our Offering: Unlimited access to a Client Advocate during business hours for questions, research, recommendations, and guidance.  This package includes monthly customized labs and plan recommendations. 


Do you have questions about your labs? Are you concerned about lab results or unanswered questions, or do you have symptoms for which you are seeking testing and advice? WVW Labs Package offers you a monthly package of your lab tests, diagnosis, and professional advice. Every month you will get an email with your lab's results and recommendations from our consultant. No more guessing, no wondering if your supplements are helping or hurting - let us take the guessing game out of health management. Quarterly consults included.

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