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Micah Jackson, PA

My Background


Micah started his medical career in 2003 in an ambulance as an EMT/Paramedic and worked in a busy ER in the DFW Metroplex. Micah desired a deeper understanding of medicine and the ability to effectively change health through the pursuit of a medical degree. Micah received a Master’s Degree from the Texas Tech Physician Assistant program in 2010. Micah has experience in Emergency medicine, Family medicine, Urology, Interventional Pain Management, Internal medicine, Urgent Care, and Integrative/Functional medicine.

Micah practiced Integrative/Functional Medicine at Veritas Medical in Lubbock, Texas for over 4 years where he was a leader among a team of integrative medical providers focused on the root causes of disease. Micah completed the Masterclass Program in Integrative Functional Oncology through Dr. Nasha Winters and has been one of her preferred clinicians through the Nasha Network and MTIH for over 2 years.

At Worldview Wellness we have client advocacy built right in. As your Client Advocate, and Dr. Nasha Winters Terrain Advocacy Program graduate, Tye Jackson will provide you with knowledge, support, and encouragement while you take the next steps toward a healthier life. She will walk with you through each step of your healing journey to ensure that you are keeping up with the most critical parts of your plan for overall health and wellness. Having a Client Advocate means having someone on your side.


"Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise."

Jeremiah 17:14

Our Approach

WVW focuses on a very detailed, individualized, terrain-centric approach to wellness. Our pursuit of truth in wellness comes from a personal philosophy of pursuing truth in all things. We believe the best way to achieve health is through having a robust worldview that is centered on truth and acknowledges that genuine science seeks truth no matter where it leads.

After several years of practicing a conventional approach to medicine, it became quite clear to Micah that something was missing… patients were not healing. He came to understand that there had been a massive shift in modern times to focus on controlling the symptoms of the disease without a clear understanding of the deeper roots of dysfunction in the human body.

Worldview Wellness is a wellness consulting business focused on helping clients guide their care by utilizing detailed personal histories, cutting-edge laboratory evaluations, and diagnostics to individualize nutrition, supplementation, healthy lifestyles, and emotional/spiritual wellness to correct imbalances in the terrain and reverse the foundational causes of “dis-ease”.

"Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to it's power or live a lie"


~Miyamoto Musashi~


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