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Your body is an ecosystem designed to deliver optimal health for a great life. If your terrain is healthy and in control, healing and recovery are available whenever you need them. If your terrain is damaged, dis-ease and illness begin to steer your health, and that same terrain can become a potential minefield of pain and disease. We can help put you, your terrain, and your health back in the driver's seat!

ter·rain     /təˈrān/    noun  1. a stretch of land, especially with regard to its physical features. In physical geography, terrain is the lay of the land. A field of knowledge or interest.






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Micah Jackson - PA


About Us

Micah Jackson, PA

Worldview Wellness

Micah Jackson is a Physician Assistant trained in Standard of Care medicine, Integrative Functional medicine, and the Masterclass Program by Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO in the Metabolic Approach to Cancer.  

We believe that the answers to your health lie in the balance of body, mind, and soul. There is no dis-ease without a cause. You are not your illness. We come alongside you with understanding, education, and an opportunity to thrive.




 "For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things."

~Psalms 107:9~



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Abstract Background
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A year ago my day would go so differently. Even with all of the prescriptions that my doctors had me taking to mask the POTS symptoms that I had, I struggled with chronic fatigue, heart palpitations, tachycardia, low blood pressure drops, and digestion issues to name a few. I was told that my symptoms were my normal and that I needed to learn how to function with them. I was told that it was all because of the stress my body was put under from birthing children. Tried as I might, I was never able to convince the doctors to keep testing to find out why. Then, I was encouraged by a friend to reach out to Micah and Tye. They tested and revealed so many things in my body that weren’t functioning properly, causing the syndrome that I suffered with. They not only put me on a regimen of vitamins and supplements to help heal my body, but also prayed with me and for me throughout my care with them. They taught me about healing the whole body, which entails so much more than just taking medicine or vitamins. I have never felt as healthy as I now do, and I will forever be so grateful for them!

Shelly Verhey



Crystal Sullivan


In the Spring of 2021, Terry started complaining about back pain and spasms.

We did patches, creams, CBD creams, over-the-counter pain relief, back massagers, and tens machines, and then started chiropractic treatment 2 times a week for the whole summer. Temporary relief only for it to just be getting worse. 

Terry's PSA was at 7,000 when he started this journey. Not only did Terry have prostate cancer but he had metastatic growth in his bones from his forehead to his legs.

At the same time we were doing all this, our daughter-in-law introduced us to Worldview Wellness. At this point, we were ready to try anything and everything. We ordered the Joe Tippen protocol and started the onboard process with Tye and Micah at Worldview Wellness. What a Godsend these wonderful people were/are. They encourage you to have a strong support team. They have been on this journey with us. They are our go-to for any questions we may have. They are straight shooters with all the compassion. They consult us and pray for us. They help us make informed decisions. They started Terry out on some supplements to get him started while he went through lab work and many home tests. When all the results came in, they tailored his supplements to fit his needs. Their motto is to test, assess, address and never guess and that is truly what they do. It didn’t stop there. He has labs done once a month. They stay on top of things.

Terry is receiving personal care, the conventional way of treating his cancer is generic. At the beginning of this journey, Micah had asked if I would be satisfied with Terry being stable. I told him a definite yes. After seeing the results of everything, he remarked that he thought we might be able to beat this.

Terry's PSA is now in normal ranges and his latest scan showed the bone METS to be gone.


Our 50th anniversary, nearly didn’t happen!

Praise God for taking us down this path!

Terry & Debbie Kemp

In January of 2024, I became ill with flu-like symptoms, Bell’s Palsy and swelling in
my lymph nodes. In February I was officially, diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma and
was beginning to start chemotherapy shortly after.  A friend of a friend shared her testimony and her journey with Worldview Wellness and cancer. She encouraged me to call Worldview and to begin immediately praying and eating clean.

She asked me “what is cancer and God trying to teach you”?

I reached out and Tye told me all about their services and provided such HOPE in a very unfamiliar situation. Tye also encouraged me to stay in the word and eat God food and no sugar. I immediately gave up sugar and processed foods, beans and pasta and any grains.
GI sensitives that I have had for years were resolving, I was sleeping better and having
increased energy within the first week of the diet changes. I asked that question and still do
on a regular basis, “What is God trying to teach me”? When speaking with Micah and Tye, I
learned about “God food”, I began to see a new perspective and God opened my eyes to a
new way of living, a life of Faith and Trust and Peace and Health! Shortly after that I
began the sauna and cold bath sessions and eventually the supplements. In each of these
steps the intention was to glorify God and to grow physically and emotionally and spiritually.
On the hard days or days, I was on information overload, Tye would say “do one good
thing”. This kept me going and in prayer to be intentional and each day to add the “one
good thing”. We cannot do it all, but I learned I can do better!
In the deep dive, Micah supported the oncologist approach and agreed with chemo
and added supplements to begin when chemo started. That was scary to hear, but I did
have some peace and hope that my body was going to be nourished while Chemo did it’s
job. Micah researched the chemo that was prescribed and had the studies to support the
chemo, the same studies the oncologist had also shared (wow, added more peace). This
supported that Micah was taking an individualized approach to my illness.
While working with Worldview, my oncologist saw physical changes in me and in
March paused Chemo, she wanted more answers, and to be sure I still needed chemo.
After labs and colonoscopy and endoscopy and bone marrow aspiration and then a repeated pet scan in April of 2024 the cancer had cleared my body and metabolically resolved! PraiseJesus!! I will continue to work with Worldview on metabolically stabilizing my body and have routine oncology appointments as well as counseling, but I have a renewed spirt, mind and body thanks to Worldview Wellness and God’s grace!
I am thankful to Jesus who provided me strength and courage and peace and
teaching me to be obedient; to Worldview Wellness for teaching me ways that will forever
make me stronger in faith, physically and mentally; to my husband and family and friends
that supported, prayed and walked with me on this new lifestyle; and to my oncologist team
that was diligent and attentive. Worldview Wellness is teaching and encouraging me to be a
better person not just in physical health but in complete health.

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